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Holiday Tips (How to plan your trip)

While discovering new destinations and cultures is certainly fun, you do need to keep in mind everything from local customs to weather patterns. Below travel tips will help to ensure Sri Lanka holiday tours with us will be truly magical.

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The climate is generally warm and humid, so be sure to pack plenty of light, summer clothing such as shorts and t-shirts made of breathable material like cotton. Visiting places of worship however, does require you to be properly covered, so have some shawls and sarongs handy. When you need a break from the heat, consider an escape to the lofty hill country! Avoid getting dehydrated by sipping on some tasty King Coconut juice, which is rich in electrolytes and is readily available; also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water (bottled water is always recommended). Make sure to take care of your skin – lather on high SPF suntan lotion to ward off harmful UV rays. Umbrellas may come in handy to shield you both from rain and shine! Wear open-toed footwear where possible, in order to let your feet breathe. Carry cardigans and moisturisers for when you enter heavily air conditioned establishments. Lastly, mosquito repellent may just become your new best friend!


  • Light, airy clothing for general use
  • Full-length clothing for religious and air-conditioned places
  • Suntan lotion
  • Umbrellas
  • Open footwear
  • mosquito repellent cream