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You are not just enjoying but also contributing for the responsible tourism. Look below more details.
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We have a story! Lush green bushes give comfort to the foot, under the warm sunshine. Elder trees look strong and handsome as they spread their branches wide. A little deer plays at a short distance of its mother. Thirsty leopards linger at the river banks to quench their thirst. Far away in the busy jungle a pathetic cry is heard, shattering every cell of this beautiful jungle.

We enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, but do you hear that pathetic cry far away from the jungle? Who would be crying?
We search until we finally discover the unbearable voice. A baby elephant runs here & there, lost and afraid – desperately searching for something.

We have an elephant orphanage where orphaned baby elephants are taken care of, given the love and kindness they need – except not by their own kind – but by humans.

Here’s an opportunity for you to help a baby elephant find its way!

Tourist can be a part of this worthy deed by way of contributing US$ 1 when you book a tour to Udawalawa National Park.

  • This is Bhanu. He is 8 months old. Currently he is being looked after by the staff at Elephant Transit Home. He is in very good health and is a playful baby elephant in Ath Athuru Sewana. (www.eth.dwc.gov.lk)

    Any tourist who is willing to visit Udawalawa National Park through Aitken Spence Travels will be donating $1 for Bhanu.

    You are not just enjoying but also contributing for responsible tourism.