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We have a story to tell you!

Lush green grass gives comfort to the foot, under the warm sunshine. Elder trees look strong and handsome as they spread their branches wide. A little deer plays a short distance from its mother. Thirsty leopards linger at the river banks to quench their thirst. Far away in the busy jungle, a pathetic cry is heard, shattering every cell of this beautiful setting.

We enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, but do you hear that pathetic cry amidst the jungle? Who could be crying?

We search until we finally discover the source of this unbearable cry. A baby elephant runs here and there, lost and afraid – desperately searching for something.

For such helpless creatures, Aitken Spence Travels is involved in supporting an elephant orphanage where orphaned baby elephants are taken care of and given the love and kindness they need – except not by their own kind – but by humans.

Here’s an opportunity for you to help a baby elephant find its way!

The story of Bhanu
As the key project under our Travel Kindly initiative, we undertook the role of being a “foster parent” to a baby elephant named Bhanu at the Elephant Transit Home or Ath Athuru Sevana ( in Udawalawe.

The beginning of Bhanu’s story is a sad one. He was separated from his mother and was found in Yala. This poor orphaned elephant was weak, feeble and in a state of malnourishment when discovered. However, today he is healthy and happy, growing amongst a heard at the Elephant Transit Home; here Bhanu will learn social skills and to live amongst other elephants till he reaches the age of five when he will be released into the wild.

As part of the elephant foster programme, we also give visiting tourists a chance to join us in our conservation efforts; you have the option of donating an amount of your choice which will be used to look after Bhanu till the time comes for him to be released. Any tourist who visits Udawalawe National Park with Aitken Spence Travels will also be donating US $1 for this orphaned elephant.

This way you are not just enjoying the wildlife on offer but also contributing towards responsible tourism.


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