Little white sailboats voyage into the heart of the seas while the deep blue skies stretch like a canopy of glory above the picturesque oceanic vistas. When the sun sets in the golden horizon, stylish restaurants illuminate their spaces with dim, romantic lights; tourists gather around tables to enjoy meals of the best lobsters, prawns and crabs found in the country and conversations while the salty breeze keeps all company under the starry skies. All of this you will find in the cinnamon hub of the colonised Dutch city of Negombo Sri Lanka; beach holidays do not get any better!

The golden sands of the shores of Negombo are lined with many luxurious resorts and have plenty of accommodation options to choose from. With many of the modern amenities available in the town, the plethora of choices for the discerning shopper is fulfilled. Negombo also represents the ultimate nightlife featuring bars, disco bars and clubs. So, jazz up to the rhythm of the west, and be ready for a night of ‘fest’, because at Negombo everything is ‘best’.

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