If you are in love with the surpassing beauty of the golden beaches in Sri Lanka, Koggala Beach is certainly one of the places that you must consider visiting. The picturesque environs are engulfed in the timeless beauty of simplicity. While the world and all its cares rage and rave in the distance, the sleepy little town of Koggala lies, dreaming upon the golden shores that fringe the ocean’s blues.

You will be able to witness stilt fishermen when you visit and observe how they patiently wait for the ocean to render to them their living, while the golden sun browns their bare skin. The long beach here is perfect for relaxing too. Find refreshment in your glass of tropical cocktail or try out the tastes of king coconut, a local favourite! You can sample exquisite Sri Lankan food at the many restaurants and eateries that are located in and around the beach. Do try out spicy local seafood curries while you are here! Many small restaurants serve signature versions that rival epicurean delights served at high-end restaurants in the country.

Several famous tourist attractions can be reached with ease from Koggala. Places like the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex, Handunugoda Tea Estate, Sea Turtle Conversation Project and Koggala Lake can be included in your travel itinerary for a well rounded holiday experience. You can also enjoy water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing during your tour.

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