Sun-kissed beaches that glisten under brilliant blue skies, greet you the moment you enter the town of Bentota. Luxury resorts encircle the shoreline while the spectacularly gorgeous Indian Ocean ceaselessly ripples and crashes upon it. Albeit its fame, the little town of Bentota is a quiet one, and you will be able to look forward to hours of blissful contentment upon these pristine shores while tiny sand crabs keep you company.

While Bentota features one of the best beaches to visit in Sri Lanka, it has more than seaside delights to look forward to. The region has many popular tourist attractions too so a tour here will certainly be a richly rewarding one. The Galapota Temple which houses a large statue of Buddha is a popular attraction, as is the Paradise Island, which is a sandy strip of the Bentota Beach that runs parallel to the Bentota Lagoon. Visit the famed architect, Geoffrey Bawa’s home, Lunuganga, open to those who appreciate fine architecture and design.

Water sport fanatics will be delighted to learn that Bentota offers quite a few easy to access diving and snorkelling sites. Among these, the Canoe Rock is quite famous. The many resorts, as well as the water sports centres in the region, provide equipment and facilities needed to enjoy hours of blissful indulgence in the waters here.

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