The little city of Kalpitiya, which beautifully embraced a simple life for years, has now started becoming a major tourist attraction. Travellers from all over the country and the world have started falling in love with the rich beauty of this remarkable destination that boasts of pristine beaches and dazzling ocean waters. Kalpitiya has 14 islands in total and each of these possesses stunning beauty and appeal.

Located in Puttalam in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, the area has a number of luxury resorts and boutique hotels, making it a tourist magnet.

Kalpitiya is one of the best beaches to visit in Sri Lanka to have a quiet coastal vacation, as the region is still quite new to the tourism industry. Calm, unspoiled stretches of powdery shores line the borders of the city, glistening under the golden sun creating a vista that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Adventure seekers will find perfect delight when a visit is made to Kalpitiya. The area is quite popular among kite surfing enthusiasts. You can also enjoy whale and dolphin watching cruises while you are here. Witness the magnificent giants of the ocean, as they breach the waters and put on a priceless display like no other.

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