Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay, a surfer’s paradise, where time does not exist. Surfboards in hand, venture out to sea to catch a good swell, listen to the mighty ocean and let it carry you back to the white sandy beach. When you are not surfing, enjoy the many local restaurants serving a magnitude of different cuisines along the beach.

Arugam Bay Beach is a relatively quiet and truly idyllic place. The small number of local families who are fortunate enough to call this incredible destination their home, are friendly so you will certainly be warmly welcomed during your stay. While surfing remains the major activity of interest, there are other delightful indulgences that you can experience in Arugam Bay. Consider visiting famed attractions such as Elephant Rock, Muhudu Maha Viharaya and Kudumbigala Monastery to witness the rich cultural allure of this charming coastal region. For surfers who are wildlife enthusiasts, the Yala National Park & Kumana National Park can be reached with ease from Arugam Bay.

Those who are spellbound by the insatiable desire for adventure should definitely mark this spot in their maps and include it in their travel itineraries!

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