Considered to be a true gentleman’s game, cricket has its origins with the British. Sri Lanka has also proven its metal when the Country won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1996 when we were considered the underdogs. Some of our legendary cricketing personalities serve on the International Cricket Council (ICC) as well. Today the country boasts of 6 international cricket stadiums that can even host day night matches apart from day matches. The infrastructure development is of International standards and it is a game that is popular in every part of the country at school and club level.

Get into the spirit of the game, while our Sports Unit at Aitken Spence Travels organises a memorable cricketing experience unlike any other sports tours in Sri Lanka, under balmy skies, for you and your team. We arrange bookings at premier international, club or school venues, source suitable opposing teams, schedule training sessions as well as obtaining the services of local and international umpires and scorers. We also handle all your F&B, transport and medic staff requirements, leaving you with the sole responsibility of just hitting that coveted sixer or field to gain that much needed exposure playing in sub-tropical climate conditions!

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