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Cricket in Sri Lanka is like a religion ever since the Sri Lanka Team won the Cricket World Cup in 1996. Sri Lankan’s love playing cricket on a pitch, ground, road side, beach or even in one’s own garden as a favorite game, past time or building friendships & bonds. Cricket is played as Softball (tennis ball) tournaments, leather ball tournaments, Indoor tournaments, Deaf Cricket and Blind cricket tournaments. The game is played by males and females at school, club and national level while it boasts of many professional players who serve the ICC today.

When you tour Sri Lanka the Sports Unit at Aitken Spence Travels will take over all your on-ground responsibilities. The team will be able to organize and book International, club or school venues, source suitable opposing teams, organize training sessions, obtain the services of local and international umpires, scorers, handle all your F&B requirements, manage all the transport requirements or get the medics on duty leaving you with the responsibility of only enjoying the game you love.