The Majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress

The majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress in Sri Lanka which still baffles modern day architects was the brainchild of the great King Kashyapa who reigned between 477 and 495 AD. The magnificent rock fortress is truly a symbol of Sri Lankan pride and every aspect of this iconic attraction inspires awe.

The site plan of Sigiriya is considered to be remarkably imaginative. There is a complex arrangement of parks and reservoirs here that embrace the concepts of symmetry and asymmetry beautifully. There are water gardens, boulder gardens and terraced gardens that would have looked mesmerising during the kingdom’s heyday. Some of the hydraulic systems of the complex work even today!

Rock frescoes referred to as the ‘Sigiriya damsels’ occupy a small sheltered space in the fortress and truly possess exquisite beauty. Some say they were the ladies of the king while others say they are celestial nymphs. Every single visitor leaves this place amazed by the grand beauty of these frescoes who silently proclaim to all the remarkable talent of the unnamed artist who painted them.

On your ascent to the top of the rock, you will also come across what is known as the Mirror Wall which features ancient graffiti and inscriptions. The majestic Lion’s Paws entrance, hewn solely from rock, leads the way to the summit where one can imagine what it must have been like when its king ruled amidst much grandeur and breath taking land and lake vistas.

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