Sinharaja Forest Reserve which lies in the Sabaragamuwa and Southern Provinces of Sri Lanka is one of the most remarkable attractions in the island. It is estimated that over 60% of the trees that the forest reserve has, are endemic to the island. There is also an abundance of endemic animals roaming free within the emerald-tinted territories of the jungle which makes this place a haven of perfect delight for nature lovers.

There are many gorgeous little birds gaily chirping amidst the arching branches of the trees here. Mixed with the gentle whisper of the trees, the sweet music they create in unison is indeed quite soothing. Sri Lanka boasts of 26 endemic species of birds. In Sinharaja National Park, you will find all 20 of the rainforest species of birds that are included in this list. It’s quite common to see mixed feeding flocks here too.

You will most likely come across groups of endemic purple-faced leaf monkeys, but given the thickness of the vegetation, it will be quite hard to spot them during day tours.

Sinharaja roughly translates to the ‘Lion Kingdom’. The grandeur that densely envelops the glorious territories of the forest reserve makes this quite a fitting name indeed. Within the hushed silence of the forest, you will certainly enjoy the relaxing sensation of being at one with nature.

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