Our Management

As the number 1 DMC and leader among tour agents in Sri Lanka, Aitken Spence Travels features an experienced management made up of a group of dynamic individuals. They have a proven track record in the industry and are dedicated to providing the very best travel experiences.

Mr. J.M.S. Brito
Deputy Chairman & Managing Director
Tel – 94 112 308308

Ms. D.S.T. Jayawardena
Director – Aitken Spence Plc
Chairperson – Aitken Spence Hotel Management
Leisure Sector Head
Tel – 94 112 308308

Mr. Nalin Jayasundera
Managing Director
Tel (Direct): 94-11-2308016
Email: nalin_j@aitkenspence.lk

Mr. Tikiri Ellepola
Chief Operating Officer / Vice President
Tel (Direct): 94-11-2308021
Email: tikiri@aitkenspence.lk

Mr. Prasanjit Perera
Vice President
Tel: 94-11-2308008 8008
Email: prasanjit@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: UK, Nordic

Mr. Niranjan Rodrigo
Vice President
Tel (Direct): 94-11-2308023
Email: niranjan_r@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: German, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Austria, Switzerland

Mr. Anil Hapugoda
Assistant Vice President
Tel (Direct): 94-11-2499623
Email: anil@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: Eastern Europe, Far East, Sports, Excursions & Transport

Mr. Lasanth Warawita
Assistant Vice President – Finance
Tel (Direct): 94-11-2308028
Email: lasanth@aitkenspence.lk

Mr. Suranga Ratnayake
Assistant Vice President
Tel: 94-11-2 2499621
Email: suranga@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: North America, South Africa and India

Mr. Mohan Hapuarachchi
General Manager
Tel (Direct):: 94-11-2308024
Email: mohan@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: FIT Germany, FIT Austria, FIT Switzerland, Nature Activities, Eastern Europe

Mr. Lalin Sumansinghe
General Manager
Tel: 94-11-2308308 (Ex: 9593)
Email: lalin@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: Far East, Flight Handling

Mr. Sajith Wijenayake
General Manager
Tel (Direct): 94-11-499536
Email: sajith@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: Benelux, South America, Spain, Portugal, France

Mr. Indika Abeykoon
General Manager
Tel: +94 112499595
Email: indika.abeykoon@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: Cruise Operations UK

Ms. Vajira Randeniya
General Manager
Tel (Direct):: 11-2308308 6016
Email: vajira@cuurate.xyz
Markets: Luxury Segment

Mr. Kanishka Mahagedara
Deputy General Manager
Tel: 11-2308308 (Ex: 9601)
Email: kanishka_m@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: Middle East, , Pakistan, CIS

Dian Jansz
Assistant General Manager
Tel: 11-2308308 (Ex: 9598)
Email: dian@aitkenspence.lk
Markets : Russia, CIS & Australia

Mrs. Zaharine Hameen
Deputy General Manager – Marketing
Tel (Direct):: 0112499617
Email: zaharine@aitkenspence.lk

Markets: Online Business

General Numbers
Tel: 94-11-2308308 / 94-11-2499600 / 94-11-2499500
Fax: 94-11-2422381 / 2436382
Email: ebiz@aitkenspence.lk