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The holiest mountain of Sri Lanka, Sri Paadha or Adam's Peak.

As wish of ‘Sādhu Sādhu Sā’ echo’s the sky in devotion as the legend unfolds encircling the holiest mountain of Sri Lanka, Sri Paadha or Adam’s Peak is a feat for any devotee or visitor when climbing Sri Paadha. The fiction of this 2243m high peak dates back to the beginning of mankind as the Buddhist belief depicts how Lord Buddha – on his visit to Sri Lanka – placed his sacred footprint on this sanctuary fostered by God Sumana Saman while Muslims believe it to be the place where Adam first set foot on earth. Moreover, as the Hindu belief engulfed around the sacred footprint of God Siva comes to light, Adam’s Peak becomes an oasis where people from each inception flock together in adoration. A traveler needs to cross the river and start climbing in the night to reach the top just before sunrise. The experience of capturing the early morning sun rise to adore its overwhelming beauty & tranquility baptizing life for a new chapter on mother earth is an experience for a lifetime.