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Whale Watching and Pelagic Bird Tour

Aitken Spence Travels provides the ardent nature lover with a wealth of adventure packages to choose from during a holiday to Sri Lanka. Take your pick from whale watching in Mirissa to exploring those elusive and treasured species in Yala.

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The 9-day tour itinerary promises to provide you the opportunity to enjoy the best of Sri Lanka’s golden sun drenched beaches and turquoise blue waters. Get the rare moment to watch the blue whale, the spectacular giant of the deep sea.

You will also get the privilege to witness the exciting acrobatic activities of dolphins and various other marine mammals during your whale watching tours in Sri Lanka. Have a firsthand experience with the giants of the wild such as the elephant and the leopard while on a safari. Take a cool evening stroll through the paved alleys of the Galle Fort. Sail into the sunset, with groups of dolphins accompanying you by your side. Be enchanted with the beauty of some rare species of beautiful birds during your bird watching expeditions. Let your mind, body and soul relax totally in alignment with nature by indulging in a yoga class. Plunge into the deep sea and marvel at the colourful coral studded reefs.

Whale Watching and Pelagic Bird Tour

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  • day 01


    An Aitken Spence representative will be waiting to welcome you at the airport and arrange your transfer to Galle.

    Galle is one of the ancient sea ports in Sri Lanka that was once governed by the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial rulers and its iconic fort still stands strong today. The old port city is transformed into a high end shopping area with the old walkways populated with numerous boutiques, shops, restaurants and boutique hotels preserving the old colonial touch and ancient buildings.

    Arrive at your hotel and relax by the beach or pool.

  • day 02


    Wake up early morning and sail to the deep ocean till sunset to capture the unforgettable and rare beautiful moments of sighting blue whales and the fascinating tall blows they make as they swim gracefully. Do not miss the magical moments when the largest animal to have ever inhabited the earth raise its fluke and dives into the deep blue ocean in search of its prey. The blue whales in Sri Lanka are known to fluke more often than any other sub species around the world. The playful and interactive dolphins will truly make your day full of fun and pleasure as they glide along with you while occasionally engaging in acrobatic stunts. Another unforgettable experience will be the flying fish you will see suddenly flying above the waters startled by the boats or large fish. If you are lucky you would get the chance to witness the sudden surfacing of turtles to take a quick breather.

  • day 03


    Make your way out to sea early morning by sailing to observe the movements and motions of the giants of the ocean, the whales and other mammalian and reptilian species. Their agility when surfacing and diving will amaze you as it beats the best gymnast in the world. The pelagic birds that spend almost their entire lifetime out at sea will keep you entertained as well.

    Return to your accommodation, have lunch and leave for Tangalle.

    On your way to Tangalle, you will see many fisherman engaged in stilt fishing gracefully and motionless. The art of these fishermen resting on top of poles waiting patiently for any type of fish to take their bait will amaze you. The stilt fishermen are among the poorest of the poor who make their living purely through this method of fishing.

  • day 04


    You have the option of enjoying some surfing or body boarding in the morning before setting off to the Yala National Park in the southeast part of the island. The country’s oldest National Park, Yala has become known as one of the best places to spot leopards due to this area having the highest density of leopards in the world. On a safari at the park you also have a chance to see sloth bears, elephants, many species of deer, pangolins and if you venture near the coast you may even spot a blue whale off Patanangala.

  • day 05


    Explore Yala at dawn in order to catch sight of wildlife before heading to Bundala National Park in the afternoon. Featuring a large number of saltwater crocodiles and waders, Bundala is also home to elephants and a wide range of other animals including many migrant bird species that can be found by the salt marshes and the salterns.

  • Sri Lankan Leopard Yala
    day 06


    In the morning head to the international airport in Mattala and catch a flight to Katunayake from where you will make your way to Kalpitiya.

  • day 07


    Tucked away between the lagoon of Puttalam and the Indian Ocean, Kalpitiya can be found on Sri Lanka’s northwest coast and offers fun activities such as whale watching, kite surfing and island hopping. Due to its unique location, Kalpitiya is rich in marine habitats and features stunning coral reefs and seagrass beds, providing the ideal sanctuary for endangered species such as the dugong, Indian Ocean humpback dolphin and the Indo-pacific finless porpoise.

    Depending on when you visit Kalpitiya you will get a chance to witness traditional fishing methods in the lagoon which has islands that are home to fishing villages. You can also observe locals busily engaged in drying fish as well as how clams and mussels are collected in the lagoon during low tide. Terns, gulls, skuas, shearwater and other bird species can be photographed here and you may even catch sight of a dugong or humpback dolphin.

    End the day by enjoying a beach BBQ where you can savour succulent seafood be it lagoon crabs, prawns, grouper, mussels or lobsters.

  • day 08


    Explore the waters around Kalpitiya where you have a chance to spot large numbers of spinner dolphins, sperm whales, Bryde’s whales and other marine species along with large flocks of pelagic birds. Snorkel at the pristine Bar Reef which is home to a wide range of fish species including black-tipped reef sharks. End the day along the shores under a star filled sky.

  • day 09


    In the morning, transfer to the airport (BIA) for your departure.